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 The high rate sand filter is the most commonly used pool filter on both domestic and commercial pools.The high rate sand filter has one grade of sand - either 16:30 or the finer grading of 18:30 and thesand bed is 200-310mm (8-12 inches) deep, depending on the size of the tank.Water is forced through the sand bed at such a high rate that a form of mechanical flocculation takesplace. The electrical charges are literally scrubbed off allowing the dirt particles to agglomerate and form larger particles. On the next pass through the filter these larger particles are collected.One of the benefits of the sand filter is its simplicity. When the bed of sand is clogged with dirt, the pressure inside will register on a gauge which indicates the need to flush it out or backwash.This means switching off the pump and turning the valve to ‘backwash’. When the pump is switched back on, the flow of water is reversed and washes up through the sand bed and removes the dirt.After backwashing the valve can be returned to the ‘filter’ position for normal operation.The dirty water from the filter is normally discharged into a sewer gully or it can be used to water lawns or shrubs.Sand filters will normally remove particles down to about 15 microns in size. The sand in the filter will normally only need changing approximately every 5 years, though this will depend on factors such as pool usage, size etc.

Zeolite is the filter media of the future and has much more to offer.

  1. The performance of D.E. with the ease of sand.
  2. Better filtration (3 microns) means a saving in chemicals usage and better looking water.
  3. Removal of ammonia - better swimming comfort - no smell - no more irritation to skin and eyes.
  4. Because of its greater surface are you will not have to backwash as often - on average twice as long between backwashing therefore saving water - up to 30%
  5. Leading Australian sand filter manufacturers recognise these benefits and have chosen to promote this ultimate filter media.
  6. Not only has Zeolite been chosen as the best form of filter media in domestic pools it is being used in many aquatic centres - swim schools and council pools through Australia and overseas.
  7. Zeolite comes from a naturally formed volcanic rock

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