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Auto Chlor Replacement Salt Cell

Are you looking for an Auto Chlor salt cell replacement? Contact Pool Store Direct to order Auto Chlor products to be delivered right to your door.

Auto Chlor salt chlorinators offer some matchless advantages to pool owners by offering a simple and cost effective way to keep your pool water clean and healthy. The water feels good as the salinity level is so low that your average swimmer can’t even taste salt in the water. And unlike with chlorinated pools, with Auto Chlor you don’t get that dried skin and sore eyes. Swimming is real pleasure for everyone.

Moreover, there’s no need to store replacement chlorine on your premises. Running costs are far less, and salt cell chlorinators are also extremely reliable and can function for years with just a little cleaning. What’s there not to like?

However the day may come when they need fixing or replacing. Perhaps you notice a growth in algae in parts of your pool, or the water’s just not as fresh as it once was. That’s when you know it’s time for Auto Chlor salt cell replacement.


Auto Chlor Salt Cell Replacement with Pool Store Direct

Pool Store Direct offers a full range of the finest salt cell brands including Auto Chlor. Our aftermarket Auto Chlor salt cells are at least as good as the original item they’re replacing. We offer a 6 year warranty on our non genuine products so you can buy with confidence.

Pool Store Direct is an Australian firm with many years of experience in dealing with salt cells for salt water chlorinators. When you place an order with our online operation, the product ships from our warehouse straight to your door. That means there’s no middleman to take his cut. You can be sure our prices are highly competitive and remember we stand behind each item with a solid warranty.