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Salt Chlorinators
Salt Water Chlorinators ON SALE at Pool Store Direct

Pool Store Direct boast an expansive catalogue of salt chlorinators to ensure that your pool is fully functioning, clean and safe. We are committed to providing only the highest levels of customer service and provide express delivery service across Australia.

K Chlor Digital Gold Series Salt Chlorinators
Saltmate Salt Chlorinators
Crystal Clear Salt Chlorinators
Crystal Clear CSM Switch Mode Salt Chlorinators
Universal Power Supply
Retro Fit Salt Chorinators

No need to change plumbing or cell housing.

What is a Salt Water Chlorinator ?
To put it simply - a handy device that automatically generates chlorine. Through the process of electrolysis, water passes over the chlorinator cell, converting salt to sodium hydrochloride which is then returned to the pool. Once the water has been sanitized, the liquid chlorine returns to its initial state as salt.
What are the benefits of a Salt Water Chlorinator?
Ongoing maintenance is cheaper
No potentially harmful chemicals; asthma and hay fever sufferers will experience fewer symptoms
 The unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine is reduced
Mild antiseptic qualities
 Irritation to eyes is reduced
The electrolyte cell is plumbed into the filter return line and the power pack is mounted: 4kg of common salt should be added for every 1000 litres, and replaced upon loss of water (i.e. backwashing, splashing or draining after heavy rain). It should be noted that evaporation will only concentrate levels.
Your device requires periodical cleaning, in order to remove the build-up of heavy metals such as copper, calcium and magnesium – this can be done using a pool cleaner.
Concrete or pebblecrete pools will experience more of a build-up on the cell plate than fibregalss pools. If you live in an area of ‘hardwater’ (high levels of calcium), it is best to use a self-cleaning chlorinator – this will also eliminate the need for regular cleaning of the cell.


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The Australian market is being flooded with cheap salt cells from CHINA and most suppliers and distributors are supplying these cells to pool shops and the general public.

Issues relating to these cells and our drive to offer good, reliable products have resulted in PoolStoreDirect to no longer supply these products.

Our commitment to you is we will only supply Australian made cells using commercial titanium plate sourced from USA which has consistently produced the best material in the last 25 years. These cells have 15,000hr expected life where as the downside of cheap cells is a shorter lifespan.

Due to our huge presence and buying capacity we have been able to negotiate lower prices so we can match the prices of these cheap cells but provide higher quality of the Australian made cells.


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