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Universal Power Supply

Universal retro fitting chlorinator control box / power supply.

Quality Australian made chlorinator power supply. Don't buy a cheap Chinese made retro chlor for your pool. Be proud of your pool and only use quality long lasting and reliable products. 

This unit is the control box only and can be used with many brands of cells.

If your chlorinator box is burnt out or rusted away, this is the way to go if you still have a good cell. It comes with a time clock, meter and chlorine controller. Does NOT include a cell.


  • Fully variable chlorine output control
  • Updated modern aesthetic
  • Simple to use analogue time clock, with battery back-up version optional
  • Fully weather protected Power Module
  • Automatic operation, even when the home owner is away
  • Simple and easy installation into new and existing pools
  • Analogue durability and robustness for long lasting performance
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • 2 Year Warranty

Universal Power Supply (Self Cleaning RP Models)
Universal Power Supply (Self Cleaning RP Models)

Orig.: From $770.00
Sale: From $545.00

Universal Power Supply (Std Models)
Universal Power Supply (Std Models)

Orig.: From $675.00
Sale: From $465.00