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Saltmate Salt Chlorinators > Saltmate SMT120 Salt Chlorinator (Up to 80,000L pool)
Saltmate SMT120 Salt Chlorinator (Up to 80,000L pool)

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Orig. Price: $880.00
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Up to 80,000l  pool cool climate, 60,000l pool warm climate

2 Year full warranty on power pack and cell

Further 3yr Pro Rata warranty on cell 

Product Features
  • Set and Forget Timer
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Mineral Salt Compatible
  • Adjustable Chlorine Control
  • Chlorine Output Monitor
  • Water Resistant Casing
  • High Production Cell
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker
  • Oversalt Protected
  • Overload Protected
  • High Output Cell Material
  • High Flow Rate
  • Cell Safety Gas Trap
  • Cell on/off Switch
  • Flow Sensitive Switch
  • Optional Battery Backup
  • Optional Light Transformer