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Crystal Clear Salt Chlorinators > Crystal Clear RP5000 Salt Chlorinator (Commercial Grade)
Crystal Clear RP5000 Salt Chlorinator (Commercial Grade)

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Crystal Clear RP5000 (Comm) - 50 g/h Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator

Crystal Clear Chlorinators are manufactured in Australia. Crystal Clear began making salt water chlorinators since 1992 and have a renowned reputation for high-quality products.

Made primarily for the budget conscious, Crystal Clear Chlorinators are economical, reliable and easy to operate.

Features of Crystal Clear Chlorinators include:

Crystal Clear Chlorinators are a high quality Australian made product. Perfect for the budget conscious buyer they are economical to run and have a reputation for reliability.

    • Refreshing swimming in salt water;
    • No harsh chemicals in the water;
    • Low salt operation: 3000-3500ppm (0.3% - 0.35%) Hard / Soft switch for high calcium areas
    • Protection if the chlorinator overheats;
    • Isolation transformer design, approved to AS3108;
    • High quality  and reliable automatic timer;
    • Premium commercial grade titanium salt cell;
    • Protection from electrical overload;
    • Rectification that is controlled by silicon;
    • High chlorine production;
    • Weather shield constructed from acrylic;
    • High impact ABS plastic cell housing
    • Manufacturer’s warranties: 2-Year full replacement power pack, 5-Year pro-rata warranty on the cell.